Dmitriy Vorontsov
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Father Eugeny

Draft for the portrait
of Larisa

Devoted to unknown Master

The invisible Spotlight

The instruments



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Hair, seaweed, jelly-fish-like plants, gummous, viscous, and ruthless - there is an agency of a sea bottom, terrestrial gravitation, but not only it, natural. On other drawing there is a sailing-ship "on chains", but it doesn't look like an anchor chain. The ship is made fast to the bank? Or is it arrested? The chain is lost by an in the long term leaving road, on this road, by the way, it is possible to hit on the ship. But, probably, the matter is easier: an anchoring berth on an oblique vertical of aquatic stratums.

We would like to wish Dmitry Vorontsov the luxuriant vegetation: orchids, growing in air, decadently broken, picturesque forcities, naive pleasure of cyclamen lobes. Probably, Dmitry Vorontsov's drawing somewhere reminds William Blake, Audillon Redon, Felicien Ropes with some "and so on". And we want to say "oh" in the indeterminacy of the caravel.

Eugeny Golovin

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