Dmitriy Vorontsov
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Copy of Durers engraving
" the Knight, Death and Devil "

Copy of Durers engraving "Melancolia".

"Ocean" ( I )

"Ocean" ( II )
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Well. Let's see other engravings that haven't such concrete semantic. A circle in dense concentration of closed curves. There is nothing specially imaging, energising an immediate negative or positive, but the free composition gives a possibility of slow reminiscences to an eye. What is it? A telescopic landscape of other planet, dactyloscopy of a very circular finger, flower, flatten by a hammer, madness of spider around the axis, stratification of the sub-Arctic ice, slit field of spar, common gain of opt-art… Probable modus of a composition, we shall say, closing the tired eyes. Here you are, one will answer. The artist worked, sick and tired, he did not sleep in nights... And it's all for the sake of yours lazy, bombastic observations. Yes, we shall answer, for this purpose too, but not only for it. Maybe, the beautiful lady will lift eyes from the engraving and these eyes, already full of tears, will look at the artist. Maybe, the engraving will meet the resolute art critic's eyes, and his verdict will uplift the artist or to the contrary. Maybe, Dmitry Vorontsov, tired with the sleepless night in a casino, works above these drawings for the rest... There are a lot of variants "why". It is a problem personal myth.

What does it mean - this personal myth? It is the explication of the art "ego" through the social person - in this case, by means of the drawing. As secret Mr. Hide is the explication of the public factor of Jackil... The explication is the portrait of Dorian Grey in an empty room above … In this situation it is the real surprise because of the predatory details' abundance passing through abstract constructions. Art "ego" in essence is unrecognisable, it has not the ration to "subconscious" or "unconscious", it does not exhibit at all neither hidden phobias nor suppressed desires. That's why we must be very accurate discussing this "ego": it is easy to confuse it's activity with the predilection to "the spirit of the time" or with the stylisation manners.



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