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Sanctum sanctorum

Argumenta ambigua

Still life

Spring of the Middleages


Mokadasa Al Safer
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Vignette "A.B.' (Devoted to Alexander Vethov)The Collection of figures " Harmonica Macrocosmica " includes some portraits by ink and pencil, and also two copies of Durers engravings " the Knight, Death and Devil " and "Melancolia". The last one is a version of a colour copy. The collection contains the illustrations produced in 1987-1999 for the books and periodics. The exposition is accompanied by an article of .V.Golovin " the Ship on a chain ". Figures on silk " Harmonica Macrocosmica "; and "Saut-as-Sarmad" are one of the main semantic axes in the narration. But the purpose is not the demonstrating of a plot or genre composition of operations. And in the greater degree of an arsenal of representational receptions, with which the ink and colour ink figure has.

(About the Dmitry Vorontsov's drawing)

This exclamation, so sonorous and positive, suits best to the characteristic of the object, offered to contemplation, - be it a landscape, beautiful (or ugly) lady, or graphic work. To say the truth, in a spectrum of this "oh", irony or ridicule can always flash. But anyway, "oh" will be the best mark for all in general. So called chemically pure "oh".

Whether the last idea concerns Dmitry Vorontsov's creativity? It is difficult to answer, not being the art critic, who can spot at once all "what" and "who". What does the early drawing mean, who has affected the author and which art school Vorontsov enlist to. But artefacts are made not only for art critics. Beholding the quadrate entered in other quadrate, decorated by vignettes, sites, harnesses, filled by four-lobes flowers or symbols, it is difficult to think about the art direction - most likely one can imagine something ornamental, eastern, esoteric. It is possible to say something more, but it is difficult to make comments by one signed system for another. Of cause, there are painting and drawing of a direct action - subject fragment, which is accessible to the "description". For example, Walter Patter talently "has told" Botichelli's "Spring", Arvin Panofsky "has decoded" Durer's "Melancholia". Of cause, there are absolutely not the pictures of the "direct action". But, for example, "Morning of streltsy' execution", "Major's engagement"... The essence of these pictures is the concrete "direct action".

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